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    Welcome To PeacockMusic!
    Royalty Free Background Music Library
    High quality Royalty Free music for media. Premium background music for films, commercials, website videos.
    Production music for business presentations, documentary or many creative media projects.
  • Corporate Music
    Royalty Free
    Corporate Background Music
    Royalty Free corporate music for business media productions. The motivational and inspirational music for corporate media, advertising, youtube videos
    and business presentations. The modern technological music to use in science and innovative projects, technological videos, etc.
  • Cinemati Background Music
    Royalty Free
    Cinematic Background Music
    Royalty Free cinematic music perfect for film trailers, documentaries, commercials, advertising and every production which need an expressive music background.
    The romantic and sentimental music great for inspirational films, wedding and family videos and more.
  • Electronic Background Music
    Royalty Free
    Electronic Background Music
    Royalty Free electronic music for innovative presentations, high tech projects, corporate technological videos, documentary and more.
    The modern electronic sounds in a subtle ambient background music, atmosphere, soundscape, relaxing music
    and other styles, which ideal match to a different kind of production.
  • Acoustic Background Music
    Royalty Free
    Acoustic Background Music
    Full of energy and cheerful royalty free acoustic music such as folk, children's music, traditional and Christmas compositions.
    Great for commercial, advertising, family home videos, slideshows and any uplifting and inspirational production.

Royalty Free Music Library - PeacockMusic!

Browse our Music Library and find the perfect production music for your project. The browser can help you find the music which ideal match to your film, business presentation, advertising or any other video production.


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About Me

I'm a music composer and producer since more than 15 years. I specialize in high quality Royalty Free music which is the best solution for tv, web media and other multimedia productions.
There is some information about my Royalty Free music library:


My music is licensed through one of the best worldwide Royalty Free portals: Evato Market!

Featured Author

I was privileged to be awarded by the group of Envato reviewers, becoming a composer of distinction of the Featured Author!

Almost 9000 happy clients!

My compositions have found buyers among more than 8500 companies and individual clients from all over the World with maximum quality rating - Author Rating.

Featured Item

One of my composition was privileged to be awarded by the group of Envato reviewers getting the prestigious Featured Item and becoming bestseller getting over 2400 purchasers!

Elite Author!

I have achieved high, 7 level of selling on the platform Envato what means that I am an Elite Authors!


My music is offered exclusively to the Envato platform and it is 100% Royalty Free!

This is exactly the contemporary, clean and happy sound I was looking for, thanks so much!

The good intelligent track. Thank you!

The combination of genre, mood and BPM made this a perfect choice for our podcast theme music. The tune is vibrant and the composition has a lot of energy and enough variety to keep it from feeling too repetitive.

Great track! It works so well with my product animation. PeacockMusic = quality!

Perfect for what I am using it for!

Perfect fit for my ad - very glad I found this piece!

Great Track. It worked well for a corporate that I mixed. Thanks!

This was the perfect track for my client's video project. The overall composition and mood is just what we needed.

Top quality audio!

Royalty Free Music Licenses

My music is avaiable throught the Envato portal which gives 5 comfortable and price advantageous variants of the Royalty Free licence.

How To Buy the Royalty Free Music ?

There are few simply steps to buy the licence and download any track from
Royalty Free music library:


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